Meet Our Investment Team

With US$20 billion mobilized, our seasoned team excels in infrastructure development, risk mitigation, and cultivating strong partnerships, driving impactful projects across diverse regions.

Infrastructure Investment Leaders

With over one-hundred years of combined experience, EMIF Group’s investment team has extensive direct experience developing and financing infrastructure projects in many of the OECD-DAC countries. Collectively, we have mobilized over US$20 billion in equity capital through advisory, active development, construction equity, and M&A activities. Our investment team members possess regional expertise across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

We have worked and maintain good relationships with a large network of funders, including development banks, family offices, small pensions, impact funds, and foundations. This network will provide the anchor capital for SIPF and future funds while helping to grow our investible project pipeline in concert with our United Nations partnership.

Our Founding Partners

John Safrance

Len Eberhard

Henry Barclay

Thomas Eveson

Our Affiliate Partners

Andy Merris

Bertie Lombard

Jonathan Ávila

Driving Positive Impacts Through Responsible Governance

As a signatory to the UN Global Compact, EMIF Group is committed to investing responsibly through its underlying ten principles governing sustainable and responsible investment. We will continuously pursue the highest standards for governance, transparency, and ESG-related impacts.

EMIF Group also has active representation on and contributes to the Blue Dot Network, a U.S. State Department initiative that certifies infrastructure projects that meet robust international quality standards.