Expert Advice

EMIF Group offers end-to-end advisory support for infrastructure project preparation, from feasibility to financial close. Our in-house experts navigate challenges, identify pitfalls, and collaborate with subject-matter specialists for project-specific needs, ensuring a seamless and efficient preparation process.

Our Expertise

We assist with the following project preparation activities, all of which generally must be considered as a coordinated whole:

  • Feasibility and risk mitigation (market/economic, financial, technical, environmental/social, regulatory, corporate/legal, etc.).
  • Project company/SPV and shareholder structuring.
  • Project preparation planning (schedule, budgeting, and third-party service providers/consultants/subject matter experts).
  • Stakeholder identification and outreach.
  • Land parcel/easement identification and assessment (physical, regulatory, and legal), including third-party rights/interests management.
  • Environmental and social impact assessment and approval.
  • Permitting/approvals/licencing requirements identification and application.
  • Design engineering and equipment selection.
  • Construction and operation/maintenance entities and equipment supply chain planning.
  • Legal agreement content, negotiation, and interdependency coordination (e.g., commercial/off-take/concession, construction and equipment supply, operation and maintenance, land control, etc.).
  • Indirect government support (e.g. credit/currency guarantees, tax treatment, import waivers, etc.).
  • Insurances, including political risk.
  • Capital and operating costs/budgeting.
  • Financial analysis, modelling and performance.
  • Grant funding sources and outreach.
  • Commercial and concessionary project finance outreach, structuring and negotiation.

Our Service Offerings


Financing Due Diligence Review

We conduct a complete due diligence review to establish the project’s current preparation stage and to identify all project gaps with respect to the overall preparation needs and their interdependencies. The review simulates the diligence process typically encountered during the financing stage of development.


Project Preparation Planning

Following a diligence review, we can develop a full preparation plan, including schedule, budget and third-party service providers for all preparation needs, to take the project from its current state to financial close.


Custom Advisory Support

Whether following from the diligence review or as specified by the client, we provide custom-tailored support to assist with most any preparation needs. Types of support include project asset/document creation and structure/content, analysis, research, and negotiation.