Introducing the SIPF Initiative

EMIF Group's Sustainable Infrastructure Preparation Fund — catalyzing US$5 billion for vital projects worldwide.

SIPF Overview

EMIF Group, in partnership with UN-Habitat, has established the Sustainable Infrastructure Preparation Fund (SIPF) to address the US$2.5 trillion annual gap in low- and middle-income country infrastructure investment needs. SIPF is a US$100-million, SDG-oriented, OECD-DAC ODA country project preparation fund that will catalyze an estimated US$5 billion in construction capital across approximately fifty preparation-stage infrastructure projects. SIPF provides the necessary expertise, oversight, and capital to ensure that these projects are bankable for construction finance lenders and private capital. Our partner, the UN-Habitat Cities Investment Facility (CIF), helps to facilitate SIPF’s project pipeline and the necessary government introductions to design the required local investment framework.

How It Works

SIPF was established as a participating Cities Investment Vehicle (CIV) within the UN-Habitat CIF program. CIVs provide finance and bankability guidance to projects that have reached the mid-stage of preparation. At this point, projects typically require the much more significant funding needed to complete the project preparation phase by acquiring the remaining major preparation assets such as land, environmental studies and approvals, permits, design engineering, and commercial and government support agreements.

Once an investee project has concluded its preparation phase, EMIF Group works with the promoter to identify the appropriate entity for the construction equity via a tender process. A development fee is payable by the selected lender syndicate.

As a completely independently-managed entity, SIPF only selects investees from the CIF program once careful assessment of the prior preparation work is complete and a demonstrable path to construction financing is clear. Additionally, the SIPF is also able to accommodate investees that have not come through the CIF program.

What We Look For

Target Regions

Sub-Saharan Africa

Latin America & Caribbean

Middle East & North Africa

South-East Asia

Asset Types

Transport / Mobility

Roads & Bridges

Affordable Housing



Water &

Project Attributes

Business Case Established

Strong Government Support

Mid-Stage of Preparation

Construction Budget


A Path to